Vincent Van Gogh

I just found at something cool about today! The thing that I learned was that today is Vincent Van Gogh’s birthday and he would be 158 today. Vincent Van Gogh is the theme of my room because he is my favorite artist. This is a picture of Vincent Van Gogh’s bedroom that he painted.

A wordle about wolves

I like making wordles because it’s fun to do. This wordle is about wolves because I like learning about them. If you click on it, it gets bigger. You can make a wordle at

My Birthday Party

I had my birthday party at Dover Dragons Tae Kwon Do today and my some of my friends came. I had a very fun time and I broke a real piece of wood. I really liked my birthday party. I also collected a lot of items for the S.P.C.A today. I raised money for the […]

Wolf Sanctuary

I went to the Wolf Sanctuary Of PA with my 4-H group earlier this year. I really liked the Wolf Sanctuary because I loved learning about the wolves and how they act and what happens when you mix a dog and a wolf together. This is their website. Wolf Sanctuary website This is a video […]

Helping people

Bell Socialization Services I just filled my piggy bank for the S.P.C.A to help the animals there and then I decided to help homeless people because the people that are homeless need all the help they can get. The group I am going to help is on the link in this post. I will type […]