Something My Dad Wrote On His Blog

My dad wrote a blog post today about a dog named Devil that is a German Shepherd. My dad has the dog’s medical records and did a very good blog post about the dog and I had a lot of interest in his blog post and that is why i asked him if I could […]

I Went To See Celtic Nights

I went to Penn State York to see Celtic Nights with my mom, mommom, and my aunt Linda. We had an awesome time seeing Celtic Nights today at Penn Sate York. We had awesome seats because no one sat in front of us during the show witch was very great because then I could see […]

These Are Awesome Pictures of Round Birds From Sam Harris

My mom sent me Sam Harris website: that is so cool it has awesome pictures of round birds that you can buy from him. He lives in England. He makes these round birds handmade by himself and they look like the real bird and that to me is so cool and awesome and I […]

From National Geographics This is so cool! The reason I wanted to share this is because i like dinosaurs a whole lot and I think dinosaurs are so cool. I hope you enjoy this from National Geographics.

Why I like my electronics

Editor’s note from Mom: This is a reflection Sarah wrote for school after reading this article. She and I would be very interested to know what you think about both the practical and personal effects of such a move. This is the kind of mini laptop I have. I got it for Christmas and I […]

Reflection on thankfulness

I wrote this on November 17 as one of my article of the week reflections for school. I hope you like it. When you comment on my blog, put the things that you are thankful for! Reasons why to be thankful There are a ton of things in the world that people should be thankful […]

Eskimos are awesome

This is the house we made out of a box for Nanook, my Lego Eskimo minifigure. We made snowy mountains, an igloo, and a place for him to go ice fishing. Eskimos are people who lived in the very cold weather. Eskimos had to build their houses out of snow. Eskimos houses are called igloos. […]