Helping people

Bell Socialization Services

I just filled my piggy bank for the S.P.C.A to help the animals there and then I decided to help homeless people because the people that are homeless need all the help they can get. The group I am going to help is on the link in this post.

I will type more when I get back from the movies!

4 thoughts on “Helping people

  1. Sarah,
    Years ago, my seminar class collected food and supplies for the SPCA. Your mother may have been in that class, but I am not sure. Homeless animals have always been close to my heart so I am happy that you are helping homeless animals and homeless people. You are a very caring young lady. I am sure that your parents are very proud of you.
    Cindy Snyder

  2. Sarah, you are quite a big hearted young lady. I am so proud of you. You have become such a well rounded person with varied interests and ideals. We love you so much! Aunt Carol and Uncle John

  3. Sarah:
    Wow! What a sweetheart with a tender heart for others! Your mommy and daddy should be very proud for having raised such a thoughtful young lady!

  4. That’s great that you decided to help others using your own money!

    What movie did you go see? Did you like it?

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