I Went To See Celtic Nights

I went to Penn State York to see Celtic Nights with my mom, mommom, and my aunt Linda. We had an awesome time seeing Celtic Nights today at Penn Sate York. We had awesome seats because no one sat in front of us during the show witch was very great because then I could see the show a lot better than if people were sitting in front of us. At the end of the show I got a CD of the Celtic Nights songs that they sung during the show. Everyone from Celtic Nights was out there autographing the CDS for you and my favorite dancer Owen (was a very cute dancer for the Celtic Nights. He is from Scotland) even signed my CD for me and he smiled to when my mom said to that he was my favorite.

3 thoughts on “I Went To See Celtic Nights

  1. Great blog post, Sarah! I enjoyed it. … I have a book of Scottish folk tales by Ruth Manning-Sanders that I haven’t ever read to you. We’ll have to read that one together sometime while listening to Celtic music!

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