Something that I wrote for school

For school I had an assignment to write my reading autobiography and answer questions about how I feel about reading. This is what I wrote.

My mom and my mommom taught me how to read before I went to school. They read aloud to me while I sat on their laps. I learned to read more in preschool and kindergarten from my teachers. One of my favorite books was Good Night Moon. Another was Peppermint, which is about a cat that didn’t have any people to be with. I liked that book because I like cats. I still like to read about animals but now I read nonfiction books about them.

My whole family reads for enjoyment. We really like books. My mom and mommom read for fun. My dad likes to browse books and he likes old books and fairy tales the best. He even sells old books. I mostly read because it helps me to find facts and learn, which is why I read nonfiction. I will probably still read the same types of books I do now when I am older because the nonfiction books I read are mostly for grownups.

I like to read when it is nonfiction, which I prefer better than fiction. So when I read fiction it is because I have to for school. I don’t struggle when I read because I mostly read in my head and it makes sense.

I find good books when we go to the library as a family, and also my dad gives me a lot of books. He finds them from his book business and I get all sorts about animals, but also history like the presidents.

I look for books about gardening and birds too. My dad gave me a set of books by his favorite fairy tale author who is Ruth Manning-Sanders. She writes the best fairy tale books.

Books are the best thing I can ever ask for. In fact, right now I have so many that they don’t fit on my bookshelves.

3 thoughts on “Something that I wrote for school

  1. Sarah, I love books, too. And I think your blog is super cool. Good luck in school this year, and I hope that when (keep your fingers crossed)my book is published you read it, even though it is fiction. Happy reading and writing!

  2. Sarah, we’re a family of readers, too! Benny loves the nonfiction books you shared with him from when you were small. I think he’s going to be a nonfiction reader like you. Emma is more like your dad–all about myths and fairy tales.

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