Why I like my electronics

Editor’s note from Mom: This is a reflection Sarah wrote for school after reading this article. She and I would be very interested to know what you think about both the practical and personal effects of such a move.

This is the kind of mini laptop I have. I got it for Christmas and I really like it.

I would NOT be able to be “unplugged” for six months. The hardest part would be no video games but I also would not be able to get on my mini laptop, or on Playstation 2, Wii, Gameboy, my dad’s phone, my Mommom’s iPad or anything like it.
          Besides playing games, I like to go to Google, Wikipedia, Dictionary.com, or the National Geographic website. And if I had to unplug, I wouldn’t be able to check on National Geographic and count on them for information.
          I don’t think I would mind if I didn’t have TV except for how I use it with my PS2 and Wii. But if I didn’t have a DVD player or the TV channels, I might not even be bothered about that. I watch it now because it’s funny but I’d rather be on the computer.
          The benefit I would see if I unplugged everything for six months is I would spend more time playing with my Legos. I would have to read books to find out facts about animals.
          I asked my mom if she would like to be unplugged. She said she would like to but she can’t because of her job which is online. So that would be the hardest part for her. She would also miss Facebook. But she thinks she would spend more time with our family if she didn’t have all that.
          Sometimes I think the hardest thing for our family is spending time together. Sometimes if I get caught up doing something on my computer, and my mom and dad are doing work on their laptops, and my Mommom is on her iPad, then we just all do whatever we’re doing and we don’t bother each other. But we could all play a board game together if our actions were the same as our thoughts about it being better to spend time with each other than with our electronics.
          So as you can see, we might want the good parts of being unplugged like spending more time together as a family but we don’t want to give up our fun games and stuff to get it.

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  1. I don’t think our family would be able to be unplugged for six months. A lot of our college courses are online. My stepson is in Japan and we use Skype to talk to him because they don’t have a phone, it’s too expensive. Emily likes to play her 3DS, Wii, IPod and X-box when she comes over. I think we would be able to spend more time together as a family too, but we spend time together playing games and watching videos on YouTube that Emily finds funny or interesting.

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